Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Your Novel is a Tall, 6-Pump Vanilla, Breve Latte Grande, Extra Hot, Heavy Whipping Cream, Extra Dry Cappuccino (Or It Should Be) by Elle Lothlorien

The Resident Self-Publishing Guru of the Blogosphere, aka Joe Konrath, had a great guest blog by novelist Elle Lothlorien.

I'm mentioning it and linking to it because the self-publishing business is still The Wild, Wild West of the publishing world.

In short, no one truly knows for certain what works, how to garner sales, how to get into the Kindle 1 Million Club, nor how exactly (or when, exactly) one can quit the dreaded day-job and be a full-time Writer.

Nevertheless, Elle Lothlorien has written an insightful article. The comments on her article (90 as of this writing) are equally as fascinating and illuminating.

Here's the link:

And take a moment to explore Elle's novels as well.
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