Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Special: In the Name of Love Acoustic Album by Taliya Schneider (@TaliyaSchneider)

This week's author spotlight is something different.

In honor of Valentine's Day, this spotlight features internationally-acclaimed singer/songwriter and recording artist, who is also my wife, Taliya Schneider.

Taliya has recently released a brand new album of all-original acoustic music written and performed entirely by her.

A singer and songwriter since the age of 16, Taliya has written and produced three albums. Her music is ethereal and melodic and reflective. Comparisons have been made to the work of Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Nathalie Merchant, Joanie Mitchell, and Joan Baez.

Taliya is also the holder of a Guinness World Record, which she received for recording her original song "Flower Child" in 15 languages.

1. What was the inspiration for the new album IN THE NAME OF LOVE?

My greatest inspiration for creating my acoustic album “In The Name Of Love” has always been YOU, my very sweet hubby, God & Angels. This album has been inspired and created by the sheer power of Eternal Love on all levels and in all dimensions. It is intended to lift one’s spirit, to warm one’s soul and to envelope the listener with a true celestial ambiance.

2. Where did the title originate?

The title for the album IN THE NAME OF LOVE is taken from one of my songs on this album, named IN THE NAME OF LOVE. The title came to me while I was writing this song (or should I say ‘channeling’ this song, since I always feel like lyrics and music come to me from ‘up above’).

IN THE NAME OF LOVE is a powerful mantra, and a powerful statement. I feel like IN THE NAME OF LOVE all great things are possible and all miracles (big and/or small) could happen. It is the spiritual and emotional engine which gives us the strength and reason to live life divinely.

3. What was the length of time you spent writing the new material?

This album is a creation and a celebration of Love. And as such I really took my sweet time in creating it. Some songs, like Little King and I Am The Light were written as early as 2009 and some songs like Angel By Our Side and In The Name if Love were written in 2012. Love is beyond boundaries of time and this album is certainly a reflection of this statement.

4. Where and when was the album recorded?

The IN THE NAME OF LOVE album was recorded at Jimmi Arccadi’s ‘The Hit House’ studio in California in April 2012. 

Taliya and Jimmi in the studio, April 2012
The Hit House
Penn Valley, California

The whole album was recorded acoustically in one day. I wanted it to sound as authentic and raw as possible, just like it would have sounded LIVE in a concert with just my vocals and my guitar.

I must thank our dear friend Harvey Noble for his generous support in making the recording of the album possible, and for introducing me to Jimmi. Thank you, Harvey!!!

5. Where can folks learn more about you, and also buy the album?

They are welcomed to visit my website where they could read more about my music and view the lyrics of all of the songs on the album. They can listen to song samples as well as get the album on Amazon MP3

And they can also listen to the entire album on ReverbNation, where 50% of all my songs’ sales are donated to ‘World Vision –Building a better world for children’.They can download the entire album or any song/songs of their choice…each purchase of my song/songs will help support ‘World Vision –Building a better world for children’ charity:

Thank you for featuring my album (dedicated to you and our Schneider baby), my sweet hubby.

I Love You for Eternity!

You're very welcome, my sweet wifey. Your music is a wonderful and inspiring gift to the world. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

I love YOU for Eternity!

To learn more about Taliya and her previous albums, please visit her page on my website.


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