Saturday, July 20, 2013

EYE CANDY: SciFi Tour de Force + $0.99 = Hours of FUN!


On Sale
for a
Limited Time


Hi, guys.

Just a quick and dirty announcement to let everyone know that I've got EYE CANDY on sale for a paltry, laughable, yet all-powerful $0.99.

Hours and hours of literary entertainment await you.

Tell everyone you know.

Tell the checker at the grocery store.

Tell the poor bastard sweatin' their ass off in the toll booth on your way home from work across the bridge.

Tell your vet while he/she has his/her finger up your dog's butt.

Tell the cop writing your citation after you got nailed for doing 65 in a 35 because you wanted to get home so you could get back to reading EYE CANDY.

And of course the paperback version is also available at regular price, because I don't yet own a conglomerate of logging, printing, and shipping companies. But the printed-and-bound edition does make for quite a conversation piece. The eyegasmic cover art alone is worth having on your coffee table or next to your laptop and venti mocha frapp at Starbucks or in your hot little hands while exploring ComicCon this week.

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And as always, a heartfelt thanks for everything. We write for ourselves, first and foremost. But we also write to be read. Here's to happy reading!

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