Sunday, May 18, 2014

Please Read Prior to Midnight Sunday 5/18


Thank you so VERY much to all who voted. Once, twice, thrice, or more. THANK YOU.

Hi, gang.

Ryan here.

This is blog #5 of 5.

One final request to place your vote for EYE CANDY in the Indie Author Land 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14) contest.

The kind people at Indie Author Land sent out a final email yesterday. It provided the # of votes in each category and the number of votes between 5th and 6th place.

The Top 5 books are the winners. :)

Six through 10 are not. :(

In the Science Fiction category, there are 39 votes separating 5th & 6th place.

Let's hope EYE CANDY is, like, way, way, WAY closer to the top, like, 1st or 2nd.

But just in case, let's all throw in another 100-or-so votes, in order to firmly secure the victory.

Send me a screen capture of you voting for EYE CANDY and send it to me at, and as a heartfelt Thank You I'll send you a free ebook copy of any of my books.


Thanks guys.

You're the best.

Happy reading.

And happy voting!


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