Thursday, October 22, 2015

Did You Watch Back to the Future on Back to the Future Day?

The historic day has come and gone.

October 21, 2015.

A long time in the making.

It was a fascinating opportunity to compare science fiction with science fact. For example, no flying cars yet. But we're also not still using fax machines. Much.

What are your predictions for the future?

Thirty years from now?

Humans routinely living and working on Mars?

Jurassic World? With people bored by the run-of-the-mill T-Rex?

The Singularity? aka the point at which Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence? And if we apply the Turing Test, which asks you to discern whether you're communicating with a person or a computer A.I., we already have such machines. Refinement and evolution is inevitable.

Such was my fascination that I wrote my novel Eye Candy. Inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov, it's a hoot. With an ensemble cast and an exciting story, as many Easter eggs as Ready Player One, and a bang-up ending, it's worth a read. Check it out:

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