Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taylor Mitchell | Free Music, Photos, Videos

Album Cover in My Photos by
Taylor Mitchell | Free Music, Photos, Videos

Here is a very talented singer/songwriter named Taylor Mitchell.

Have a listen to some of her music.

Sadly, she was mauled by two coyotes while out hiking alone in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mauled by coyotes.


Can you IMAGINE? How AWFUL. Holy f**k.

Not only that, she SURVIVED the attack, was airlifted to the hospital, and eventually succumbed to her injuries that night.

It horrifies me to think about what she went through and what the hours following the attack ensued. I imagine a team of surgeons fighting to save her.

But it was too much.

And now we are left with only her lovely music.

Rest in peace, Taylor Mitchell. We hardly knew ye.

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