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10 Questions with Thriller Novelist Douglas Wickard (@DouglasWickard)

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Douglas Wickard

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Douglas Wickard joins us for a third time in order to share his latest novel NOTHING SACRED. Douglas lives and writes in Los Angeles, California and is looking to adopt a Weimaraner and call him Blue.

1. How did you become a novelist?
How does one become a novelist? For me, the idea of writing was always lurking somewhere in the back of my head. I love words. I love reading. I enjoy creating characters. I began writing stories when I was a teenager, poems…journaling. It became a way of expressing my inner thoughts, my inner demons, perhaps. But, being a novelist is much different than becoming one. Becoming a novelist keeps a writer in a constant state of insecurity, always-seeking approval -- am I good enough? Will somebody like it? Will I be rejected? Being a novelist takes courage and a healthy dose of confidence. A sense of knowing. Moving past the ruffle of rejection and boldly claiming your space. For better or for worse.

2. How many books have you written to date?
I’ve published four. I’ve written 6.

3. What is your new novel you want to share, and what is it about?
My new novel is NOTHING SACRED. It is the prequel to ENCOUNTER and introduces Dan Hammer as a detective in Charleston, South Carolina working a case involving the disappearance of teenage girls. It also introduces FBI Agent Harry Wright.

4. What is your writing process, and how has it evolved since your first novel?
I write every morning. Since the publication of A PERFECT HUSBAND, my writing has become a wonderful, daily occurrence. I wouldn’t know how to start my day without it. It is as comforting to me as my first cup of coffee.

5. What do you know today about writing & publishing that you wish you’d known when you began?
I don’t think about it. I’m content to get up every day and do my work. That’s enough for me.

6. What advice would you offer to new and aspiring writers regarding writing, editing, publishing, etc., in order to help them succeed?
Success. Ahhh…what is your definition of that word? The answer will vary from one writer to another. Like any creative endeavor, it’s a crapshoot. I try to keep my expectations to a minimum. I concentrate on the work, not the outcome. Whatever happens, will happen. I feel blessed and grateful having found my passion, and being able to live it. Daily.

7. What marketing techniques have you found to be fruitful?
The world is a social media vortex. I market with Facebook and Twitter predominately. Goodreads is also great at promoting author’s work. Nothing beats good old word-of-mouth.

8. Where do you see the world of publishing going in the next five years?
Again, I don’t burden myself thinking about the publishing world.

9. What are you currently reading?
Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. Again. It is such an amazing, sensual piece.

10. What is your next literary project?
PERFECT. The Sami Saxton saga continues. It will be the third book in the series.

Finally, is there anything you’d care to add, including where folks can buy NOTHING SACRED?
I am exclusively on Amazon. My books tend to push buttons, so readers shouldn’t expect cozy mysteries or restrained thrillers. My novels are character driven and I go where they tell me to go, whether I like it or not. Just saying…

Thank you, Ryan for this interview.

You're very welcome, Douglas. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your success as a novelist. Keep up the good work and let us know when PERFECT is ready.

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Be sure to pick up your copy of NOTHING SACRED at the link below:

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