Tuesday, September 29, 2015

If You Don't Meet Your Daily Word Count...

If you don't meet your daily word count, Bruce will be forced to thrash you. In his white socks. 
I recommend outlining. Write the whole book in stream of consciousness outline format as fast as you can. No stopping. THEN... once you have the story mostly figured out, you go back to the beginning and retype the outline in prose format.

My word counts went from 1500ish per day to 5000-6000 per day (and often more @~1000 words per hour). And it took the pressure off. Writing slowly while sculpting your prose and holding the entire story in your mind while you tiptoe through the plot is like sculpting in clay without having any idea what you're sculpting.

Outlining allows you to savor the thrill of discovering the story without having to wait months to see the climax & resolution. My outlines usually take about a week. Instead of spending a year writing a novel, I'm writing a trilogy in a few months. This has helped make writing more fun and less dreadful. It makes it far easier to sit down and start each day.

Remember what Elmore Leonard said: There is no magic. You sit down and you start and that's it.

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