Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Other Renowned Authors Who Have Won the Philip K Dick Award #SFWApro by Lisa Mason (@LisaSMason)

Other Renowned Authors Who Have Won the Philip K Dick Award #SFWApro
by Lisa Mason

It should also come as no surprise that other renowned authors and their books have been Philip K Dick Award Finalists or Winners over the years since 1983.

The list reads like a Who’s Who of Science Fiction, such as Carnival, Undertow, and Chill by Elizabeth Bear, At the City Limits of Fate by Michael Bishop, Mindplayers by Pat Cadigan, Voyager in the Night by C.J. Cherryh, Artificial Things by Karen Joy Fowler, Neuromancer by William Gibson, Neon Lotus by Marc Laidlaw, The Remaking of Sigmund Freud by Barry N. Malzberg, Memories by Mike McQuay (deceased), The Scar by China Mieville, The Wild Shore by Kim Stanley Robinson, Subterranean Gallery, Carlucci’s Edge, Carlucci’s Heart, and Ship of Fools by Richard Paul Russo, Green Eyes and Life During Wartime by Lucius Shepard (deceased), Leviathan, Vol 3 edited by Jeff VanderMeer, Millennium by John Varley, and Elivissey by Jack Womack.

So there you have it, my friends. The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle includes Aestival Tide by Elizabeth Hand (PKD Finalist), Life by Gwyneth Jones (PKD Winner), The Cipher by Kathe Koja (PKD Finalist), Points of Departure by Pat Murphy (PKD Winner), Dark Seeker by K. W. Jeter (PKD Finalist), Summer of Love by Lisa Mason (PKD Finalist), Frontera by Lewis Shiner (PKD Finalist), Acts of Conscience by William Barton (PKD Special Citation), Maximum Ice by Kay Kenyon (PKD Finalist), Knight Moves by Walter Jon Williams (PKD Finalist), and Reclamation by Sarah Zettel (PKD Finalist).

The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle runs only until October 15. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Download yours today at http://www.storybundle.com/pkdaward and enjoy world-class, award-winning reading right now and into the holidays.

Thank you, Lisa. This is indeed a who's-who of science fiction. My to-be-read list just got a lot longer.

Only one day remaining, boys and girls, so purchase your Philip K Dick Award Storybundle now. Today. Now. You'll regret it if you don't. A month from now you'll be all like, "Man... I should've gotten that sweet Philp K Dick Storybundle. Now it's too late. Dang." And we'll be all like, "Yeah, pretty much." So, yeah. Buy it NOW.

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