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10 Questions with My Wife, Taliya Schneider, Spiritual-Folk Singer/Songwriter

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My Wife
Taliya Schneider


Today we have a very special guest. She is a talented and accomplished musician and a singer-songwriter. She has written, produced, and recorded four albums. She was awarded a Guinness World Record for recording one of her original songs in 15 languages. She has toured Europe and the USA performing her original music. She is also my amazing, talented, and very beautiful wife. Today is also Taliya's birthday! Mazal Tov, wifey!


1.How and when did you get into music and why do you sing, play, and write music?

From a fairly young age, around the age of five, I remember picking up my mom’s styling hair brush, pretending it was a microphone, and singing to myself, making up tunes and even interviewing myself while staring at my own reflection through my mom’s dresser mirror. I pretended that I was both  the interviewer and the host, interviewing myself  as the singer, the entertainer.

Later on, when I was in elementary school, and started taking flute lessons, I remember improvising with a huge clay vase as an amplification device due to its acoustic nature. I would hold it like a microphone and sing with it at home for hours. When I was in high school, I was introduced to the guitar, with which I felt an immediate, organic, earthy bond. I was so thrilled and delighted to find out that I could write and perform my own original songs in such a pure and acoustic way, just vocals and guitar. I was also aware of how empowering and blissful it felt to be able to find ‘my voice’ in the world through the gift of creating and sharing music. 

Once, when I was a little girl, I saw this amazing and most profound poster on the wall of a ballet studio, which said: “What You Are Is God’s Gift To You, And What You Become Is Your Gift To God”.  I remember standing there for a while, letting these words and that divine message absorb into me, shaping me and inspiring me. I have been guided ever since then by this mantra each time I create, perform and record music.

When I sing and create music, I feel like this is my way of healing, soothing, contributing, and saying “Thank You” to God and the Angles for the precious gift that they have blessed me with. I would like to believe that when I sing and create music, I heal, inspire, soothe, empower and elevate the human spirit and energy to a higher, positive, blessed, joyous, blissful and harmonious place.  

2.What instruments do you play?

When I was little, I used to play the flute and then later on I started playing the organ, but it was really around high school when I found my real instrument, the guitar. I started taking guitar lessons on a classical guitar with a Flamenco classical teacher, but fairly quickly realized that my true instrument was playing acoustic guitar and electric-acoustic guitar. I absolutely love the earthy, wholesome, grounded energy I feel each time I pick up my acoustic guitar. I do hope one day to master the piano as well, as I always feel so moved, inspired, and touched listening to piano music.      

3.What do you like best about being a musician?

The ability to create, to inspire, to uplift and shift people’s energies and spirits (just like a magician or an alchemist), quenching people’s souls with harmonious and soothing melodies and empowering lyrics, making people feel good about life, making them realize how precious and beautiful life is, what a gift it is and how empowered and loved they are.

4.What is your creative process? IE do you write lyrics first? Do you hear a melody in your head, etc?

It is really a combination of both…depending on the mood… Sometimes lyrics come to me first, and then I’ll sit down with my guitar and by the divine magic of creation and inspiration, the music will flow through me… And sometimes I’ll wake up with a tune in my head, or a melody will come to me first and will play itself in my head throughout the day, and then the story of the song, the lyrics, will write themselves perfectly… Either way, it always feels like I’m channeling the blessings of creation from a higher place, whether it is lyrics first and music later or music first and then lyrics.

5.Who are some other singers/songwriters/bands you admire?

I would say that I have always been inspired listening to great, authentic singer-songwriters such as Natalie Merchant, Sarah McLachlan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Enya. I have always gravitated towards meaningful, insightful and spiritual music.

6.Tell us about your background & experience as a professional musician.

I began writing music in my teens and started performing in my early twenties. I toured Europe with my original music during my thirties, playing concerts and music festivals and I was featured worldwide on TV (CBS13), Radio (Satellite Radio, BBC Radio) as well as in the printed media ('Hollywood Reporter', 'Telegraph').

In 2004, I was officially awarded the Guinness World Record for a Song Sung in the Most Languages. I sang my original song “Flower Child” using fifteen different languages within the song. I sought assistance from professional translators to help get the lyrics just right.

As an artist, a singer-songwriter and a musician, I feel I have come a long way since those days… I have evolved spiritually so much since then to the point that I feel that performing any of that old music from my 20’s and 30’s is not a true representation of who I am today, and is certainly not aligned with the higher-evolved spiritual energies in my 40’s.  The acoustic spiritual-folk music I create and perform today is 100% derived from the heart and is 100% aligned with uplifting, inspiring, healing and soothing energies of harmony, blessings, light, joy, and bliss.

7.How many albums have you recorded?

I have recorded four albums to date; the first one was recorded in my early 20’s, followed by two albums recorded during my 30’s, and my most recent and most significant “In The Name Of Love” album was recorded in 2012.

8.What is your most recent album In The Name of Love about and how did it come to fruition?

My most recent and most significant album is called “In The Name Of Love” and it is dedicated with all my eternal love to you, my sweet hubby, and to us, as eternal wife&hubby for eternity together, Amen! J  “In The Name Of Love” is a spiritual-folk acoustic album which includes nine songs, all of them written during 2007-2012.  

In 2012 the actual album was able to be recorded in one acoustic LIVE session, at Jimmi Accardi’s studio (“The Hit House”; see above photo) in Penn Valley, CA thanks to our eternal dearest friend, Harvey Noble, who has always supported us every step of the way. He has always been there for us, he is always with us, and it was he who gifted this divine recording session to us with all his eternal blessings before our travels to Israel.

9.What’s your current musical project?

I am currently working on an additional spiritual-folk acoustic album that I am hoping to record this coming year.

 10.Who or what inspires your music?

YOU, my very sweet and amazing hubby! J Us, Together, as a family, and as Blessed and United and Loving and Passionate and Joyous and Happy, and Harmonious, and Protected, and Blissful, and Prosperous and Successful and Loyal and Faithful and Sacred Husband&Wife for Eternity Together, with our beautiful & healthy Schneider Baby, Together,  Amen!  And of course, I am also inspired by God, by our Gift and Miracle of life and Divine Creation, and by all of our Beloved Guardian Angels!     

Is there anything you’d care to add? Please also include where people can hear your published music, buy your new album, etc.

I would like to see more and more artists create, perform and write uplifting, positive and feel-good creations. The world is in deep need of Light and Blessings. Words have energies, hence it is so important to direct the attention to the intention, i.e. creating only what would deeply heal, nurture, soothe and bless humanity, the world, and life itself.

It is my true heartfelt desire, as a Spiritual-Folk Singer-Songwriter, to create soothing, serene, reflective acoustic music, which lifts one's spirit, warms one's soul and envelopes the listener with a true celestial ambiance, which lingers beyond any place and time….enveloping your soul and quenching your spirit with spiritual, soothing and uplifting melodies, ethereal vocals, reflective, healing and empowering lyrics.... It is my passion and mission to create high-vibrational music and contribute to a more positive, harmonious, loving, uplifted and Blissful world!

To listen to samples of my music and to purchase my spiritual-folk acoustic album “In The Name Of Love, please visit my website at:

Thank you, my very sweet hubby, for featuring me and my music on your amazing blog! I Love You my sweet hubby for Eternity Together, Amen! J

Thank you, Taliya, for sharing your amazing, uplifting music with us. I love you, too, my very sweet wifey, for eternity together, amen! Be sure to let us know when your next album is available.

Be sure to visit Taliya's website to listen to free samples and to purchase the album in its entirety.

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