Thursday, November 19, 2015

#NaNoWriMo Diary -- Day 18

Day 18

Yesterday was a good day of writing.

3576 words.

I need to attain at least 2272 every day for the next 11 days if I'm going to reach 60,000 words, which was my goal when I began this experiment 16 days ago on November 3rd.

In terms of craft, yesterday was interesting because I found myself writing by the seat of my pants as opposed to planning.

Functioning as a Pantser and not a Planner.

The reason is because I needed to bridge the story between where I was and where I wanted to go. I have some major events already outlined but it felt like it was too soon to have them happen. So I needed something in between.

Lo and behold a whole bunch of cool stuff transpired. I found myself genuinely enjoying the events of the story as they unfolded, as well as being amazed at how the themes and backstory continued to weave themselves into the new plot. That's the magic of writing: when stuff like that happens.

And remember that whenever you're in this situation, where you're not sure what you're writing or if what you're writing is integral to the story, take a moment to think about HOW to MAKE it integral, rather than simply abandon it, delete sentences or paragraphs or a page, and then start feeling as though what you're doing sucks.

It doesn't suck.

You simply need to dig a little deeper, to continue searching for what it is your story is trying to say.

Stay positive.

Make it fun.

Make your writing enjoyable.

It should be enjoyable.

It can be scary and confusing and intimidating, but you should also love it. Even if you love having written more than you love actually writing. That's okay, too.

Now, today is Day 19.

That means you need to have at least 31,667 words in order to remain on track to attain 50k by November 30.

You can do it.

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