Saturday, November 28, 2015

#NaNoWriMo2015 Diary -- Days 26 & 27

Days 26 & 27

This will be a quick blog post. We should all be putting the majority of our time, thought, focus, strength, courage, belief, and love for what we do into our story, for we have THREE more days, including today.

The past two days have been good days of writing; 5000 words both days. My word count is now 56,195, so once I've uploaded the manuscript it will qualify for "winning". Yay!

But my goal was to not only write (at least) 60,000 words but to also FINISH my novel during NaNoWriMo. That remains a possibility. Hence the brevity of this post.  Three days... Less than 4000 words to reach 60,000... But the story definitely won't be complete in 4000 words. Maybe 14,000. Maybe. Probably more like 24,000, which would require 8000 words each day for the next three days.500-1000 words per hour means that would require 8 to 16 hours of writing per day. That's a lot.

How many words do you have remaining? Do the math; divide it by three to determine how many words you need to write each day, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

You can do it.

Print two copies of this Writer At Work thing and put one directly in front of your face where you write and the other one on the door of the room in which you write.

And here's a pretty Love Calendar made by someone named Margie I found on Google. Thanks, Margie!!!

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